Exclude Mercury Amalgam from Dental School Curriculum-Daily Sun

Experts urged the authority concerned to exclude mercury dental amalgam from dental school curriculum and to adopt mercury-free alternatives. They said a number of developed countries are now switching to safer alternatives as dental amalgam is the major source of mercury toxicity in health and environment. Environmental and professional experts said this at a round table at a city restaurant on Thursday. They also emphasized the need of education and hand on knowledge of mercury free alternatives for the next generation dentists. Bangladesh Dental Society-BDS and Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO jointly organized the event. They said amalgam emits mercury vapor when it is implanted into the body. It crosses the placenta, accumulates in the fetus and cause serious damage. Mercury dental amalgam is the known health risk for children, pregnant women, nursing infants and people with impaired kidney function.  Speaking on the occasion, Syed Marghub Murshed, chairperson of ESDO, recommended the need of medical and dental council (BMDC) initiative to change and adoption of dental education curricula. He urged the professionals and dentists to come forward and work hand in hand to eliminate mercury from dental care and education.

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