Mercury Free Dentistry Week Observed in Bangladesh

To phase out mercury from dentistry in Bangladesh by 2017, Asian Center for Environmental Health observed the International Week of Mercury Free Dentistry from 17th to 25th August, 2015

in Bangladesh in association with Environment and Social Development Organization- ESDO, and World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry (WAMFD). In collaboration with ESDO, Asian Center has implemented this week-long activity to raise public awareness and to attain policy makers’ attention for a national regulation to ban dental amalgam uses an import in Bangladesh. The week encompassed two large events: a dental college campaign and a outdoor campaign.

Mobile Awareness Campaign. 25 August

Mercury Free Dentistry Week ( August 17- 25, 2015) is an event to observe the successes of the mercury-free movement and continue to build awareness.

ESDO in association with World Alliance for Mercury- Free Dentistry (WAMFD) under the umbrella of Asian Center for Environmental Health organized several activities to observe this week in Bangladesh. ESDO conducted public awareness and policy advocacy activities through an awareness event and mobile awareness campaign.

Hg free dentistry week  hg free dentistry week 1  IMG_5713

As a part of Mercury Free dentistry Week- 2015 observation, a mobile awareness campaign was held in different points of Dhaka city. ESDO’s team members and three mercury free dentists jointly participated in the campaign. Several universities (both public & private), office premises, public places were visited for campaigning of mercury free dentistry issue among the public. Festoons, leaflets were distributed to the general public walked by. A practical demonstration and question session was also arranged on that day for one to one interaction with dentists and general public. University faculties, students, professional, general public participated in the mobile awareness campaign and signature on the registration sheet as a part of their consent. Over 500 signatures were collected from them. People responded positively and are interested about further information dissemination about mercury amalgam. Participants extended their profound thanks to ESDO for its mass awareness campaigning on such an alarming environmental issue.

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