Mobile Campaign for raising awareness on ‘Mercury Free Dentistry’

ESDO team along with a dentist conducted a mobile awareness campaign on ‘Mercury free dentistry’ on March 30, 2016. The team covered different areas of Dhaka city including Uttara, Mohakhali, Shahbagh. We tried to disseminate the information about harmful impacts of mercury amalgam use in dentistry sector by oral description, distributing leaflets, stickers, showing posters, playing radio jingle on the issue. We tried to reach the passer by, the students of local school, college and university, guardians of the students, teachers and described them what harms to human health and environment are caused by mercury amalgam.

We visited Dhaka Biman Bandar Railway station and met so many naive people. We tried to explain them what is mercury, what is its use in dental sector, what complications it causes in human health and
environment, why we should go for mercury free dentistry, etc in simple and understandable way. They responded amazingly and asked so many relevant questions. They also wanted to know about the alternatives to mercury amalgam. Finally we moved to the Dhaka University campus and met the students. Many of them informed us that they are carrying silver amalgam and asked the way of removing the existing ones. They thanked us to inform them this important issue. We could reach 502 people in our daylong mobile campaign whom we delivered the message of being aware of ‘Dental Mercury Amalgam’.

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