lead stickerESDO has been working for a specific regulation of lead free paint. In line with this, ESDO has been continuing policy advocacy since 2010.ESDO has prepared a draft regulatory frame work and guide line; that has submitted to the concern authority [Department of Environment (DOE)] which have been under their review for consideration. In addition according to our proposal the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution-BSTI has taken in account and already prepared a draft standard to fix up the limit of lead in Paint as 50 ppm.

Updated status: at a glance

  • According to the national report of ESDO on “Lead in Paint- 2013”; within this year leading p6 June_SG+ SG of BPMAaint brands in Bangladesh with major market share had largely stopped producing paints containing more than 600 parts per million (ppm) lead.
  • All relevant government ministries have discussed and reviewed Draft Guidelines for a 50 ppm and complete lead paint elimination.
  • In 2015, the Director General of Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) told ESDO in a meeting that it would enforce a 50 ppm mandatory standard for lead in household enamel.
  • The General Secretary of the Bangladesh Paint Manufacturers has publicly announced that “manufacturers have agreed to eliminate the use of lead in paints by 2016 and set up the immediate standard of 50 ppm by 2015.”
  • The Ministry of Environment and Forest has indicated support for a lead in paint phase-out.

Based on ESDO’s mosReport Launchingt recent paint analysis, all paint from brands representing 84% of market share contained less than 90 ppm lead and would comply with the most stringent paint regulation anywhere in the world. Though the Bangladesh government has not yet established a mandatory standard and the 2015 study shows that some small manufacturers continue to produce paints with high lead content, there are promising developments that suggest regulation is coming soon. A national report has been produced focusing on details about the initiatives ESDO has taken and its achievements which was launched and distributed on 6th June this year, 2015 at the Press Club.

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