Project Implementation Team

Project Implementation Team

Ali Hossain
Admin and Finance Manager

Mr. Ali is responsible for admin and account department as well as human resource development. He has a Masters in Commerce from Jagannath University. He has long experience and skills in admin and human resource development.


Sayda Mehrabin Shejuti
Assistant Program Officer (Research)

Ms.  Shejuti is assigned for  ‘Asian Center for Environmental Health’ project and responsible for the research program on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), improved crop production packages and the establishment of new production system towards sustainable agriculture. She is assigned for implementing action based research on farmer’s field and collecting information to study the pathway of toxic free pest management across different cropping pattern and works for subsequent remedies to increase crop production.  She also assembles farmers in knowledge sharing programs through field day, focused group discussion, etc. Ms. Shejuti supervises and coordinates with the entire research team. She studied Soil, Water, and Environment from the University of Dhaka and has relevant research experience. She is also skilled in documentation and presentation.


Nadia Chowdhury
Accounts and Admin Officer

Ms. Nadia is responsible for admin and account department. She has long experience and skills in account and admin department. She completed her M.B.S. in Accounting from Eden Mohila College.


Raisa Sultana
Project Advisor 

Ms. Raisa Sultana has completed her M.Sc. in Geography and Environment at the University of Dhaka. She is a faculty of the same department at the University and She is assisting the ESDO team as project advisor.


MD Tanvir Hasnine
Program Associate

MD Tanvir Hasnine is responsible for the project plastic pollution in Bangladesh especially focused on microbeads and microplastic pollution. The main target of the project is to stop the use of microbeads and single-use plastics pollution into the Bay of Bengal. He is assigned for building awareness among the public, policymakers, and producers on the plastic pollution issues. Also responsible for grant proposal writing, action-based research activities and coordinates with the entire research team. He finished his 2nd Masters in Environmental Engineering from Yildiz Technical University, Turkey under the support of Turkish Government scholarship council. Previously he finished his M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh.


Samia Haque
Jr. Program Associate

Samia Haque is assigned for “Environmental Health” program especially focused on E-waste ( Rules, regulation, management/recycling ) and Mercury phase out in product and MIA. She is also assigned for Documentation and Reference activities. She has completed her M.Sc in soil, water, and environment from the University of Dhaka.






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