Seminar on Plastic Pollution: Enforcement of law not enough, awareness is key

Environmentalists on containing plastic pollution

Staff Correspondent

Environmentalists yesterday at a seminar said that enforcement of law alone is not enough, and awareness is key to containing the plastic pollution in Bangladesh.

Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) and Department of Environment (DoE) jointly held the seminar titled “Plastic Pollution in Bangladesh and its Impact on Environment and Health” at Ban Bhaban in Dhaka.

Speakers said the rate of plastic production and consumption is increasing day by day and at the same time unregulated, harmful and hazardous manufacturing facilities are big threats to environment and human health.

Plastic and microplastic are risks to public health as they enter our food chain, they said.

Abdullah Al Mohsin Chowdhury, secretary to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, said that when plastic was invented it was considered a blessing but now the world is realising what a disaster it is. More…


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