Brand Auditing and Market Assessment of Single Use Plastic in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Brand Auditing and Market Assessment of Single Use Plastic in Dhaka, Bangladesh

People are using various plastic products, microbeads containing products and single-use plastic products (in the form of sachets and plastic tube packaging). Plastic packaging contains many different chemicals with endocrine disrupting properties including solvents, UV stabilizers, phthalates, antimicrobials, and industrial additives. The diverse array of chemicals used in plastic packaging, combined with their widespread use, greatly increases exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) all over the planet. As a result, it causes great harm to the human health and environment. Brand Audit was conducted as a part of awareness and protecting the environment from the harmful consequences of single-use plastics. Nowadays, in various food products, household and personal care products, manufacturers are using single use plastic for packaging those products. For identifying those brands, this Brand Audit was conducted. Brand Audit is a tool prepared by “Break free from Plastic (BFFP)” global movement. As a core member of BFFP ESDO has been leading the national campaign on “Stop Plastic Pollution” in Bangladesh. Brand audits are about creating corporate accountability for the plastic pollution that litters our lake, ocean, waterway, and communities. The „Brand Audit‟ program comprised collection of plastic sachets and packages of different brands and classifying them. Such activity helped us to identify most responsible companies causing plastic pollution and degrading the nature.

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