Environmental Camp for Nature Conservation (ECNC)

ESDO’s school program places a major focus on environmental sustainability through raising awareness amongst students about environmental degradation and conservation.  (ECNC) is a component of our school program. It is a capacity-building camp for students which involves them in field trips, including practical and theoretical activities on sustainability and conservation, with the aim to develop leadership skills amongst the students so they play an active role in the future of environmental conservation. ESDO teaches the children (the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow) that environmental degradation is one of the world’s biggest concerns.ECNC

Objectives of ECNC

The long-term objective of the program is –

  • to develop a second generation of environmental leaders who will play an active role in the future of environmental management by taking a stand, continuing to educate, promote, and advocate for the environment. As the younger generations will carry the burden of a distressed environment – a legacy of past and present generations, ESDO feels that such education should be priority in our schooling system.
  • Addressing national policy and is dedicated to ensuring that environmental education becomes a mainstream subject within the national educational curriculum.

Initiatives of ESDO

  • The education process in Bangladesh is very traditional. That’s why ESDO has introduced a method of teaching that is highly interactive, and which encourages students to voice their feedback – we believe this will enhance the process of learning.1995
  • ESDO’s environmental education program at numerous schools around Dhaka is therefore participatory, engaging students in stimulating classroom activities. The following subjects are taught: Fundamentals of the Environment, Environmental Pollution, Forest and Biodiversity, Trees, Land/Soil, the Urban Environment, Air, Water, and Conservation
  • ESDO has done policy advocacy to incorporate the ECNC activities for environmental education at school level as well as in the national educational curriculum.


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