The future rests on educating ourselves and our children to recognize that the key to a sustainable life is about quality, not quantity. To ensure the rebuilding of a healthy livelihood and environment, ESDO has an separate program that included the project & programs activities of adult literacy classes, health education and services, environmental education, community based eco tourism, environmental awareness raising, training in sustainable land management and rehabilitation, training in sustainable and organic agriculture, capacity building programs and alternative income generation (business) and skills development). This program supports to all project activities related to Information Communication Technology (ICT), and community knowledge dissemination.

ESDO has initiated ICT training centers in each of our three Eco-villages. In 2004, a computer training program commenced for adolescents in Eco-village 2 – Rangpur. This is the first time in Rangpur that Information Technology is accessible to the rural community.

Objectives of ESDO’s ICT training include

  • To combat rural poverty by building the capacity of men and women through ICT training and literacy education in order to raise their status in society and to achieve long-term self-reliance (training will assist them in managing

their own small businesses for example).

  • To build the capacity of adolescents by teaching them computer skills and providing them with access to the internet, so they can pursue education and employment, and be globally linked.
  • To ensure self-reliance and employment opportunities are available for community members as a result of networking with other NGOs in the surrounding areas.
  • To give a voice to the rural poor. Participants in ESDO’s ICT program will publish regular newsletters/bulletins that will be distributed amongst the community or accessed via the internet. Information will be shared, topics include: disaster mitigation/management, climate change, trends in the market, community news.

In the future ESDO plans

to develop information databases on vital information which will benefit the community and the environment-

  • ESDO will provide Data bases of information on: sustainable and organic agriculture, climate change and agriculture, conservation and land rehabilitation, sustainable natural resource management, health related issues and remedies, disaster mitigation/management.

Indigenous Education and Knowledge Center is an Important and effective Step has taken under this Program.

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