Pollutant Free Vehicle

From 1995-2002 ESDO raised mass awareness and intercepted policy with a nation-wide campaign, “We want 2-stroke vehicle-free streets”. The study conducted by ESDO found that carbon monoxide, methane, nitrous oxide and lead were emitted from 2-stroke vehicles, with serious environmental and health consequences. The campaign began in 1995 through mass awareness raising and progressed with advocacy and policy lobbying which saw a 2-stroke ban in Dhaka and major cities. In 2002 the Government officially banned all 2-stroke vehicles and introduced CNG as the common form of energy.

Old baby taxi

The most common 2-stroke vehicle in Bangladesh used before ESDO and other organization protest against it


Previously used 2-stroke vehicle was replaced by  CNG (Converted Natural Gas) auto-rickshwa, an environmental friendly vehicle in Bangladesh since 2002

 ESDO’s Activities in Photographs 




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