Rangpur Project



ESDO’s Eco-Village 2 is located at Rangpur.

Project name

“Development of Women through Capacity Building and Introducing IT for Empowerment”

Project location

The project area is within the small villages of Betgari and Charani under Gogachara Thana of Rangpur district.


  • The total population of the area is 5933 out of which there are 3364 women.
  • Prior to ESDO’s intervention, the rate of women’s literacy was 4.2%. ESDO chose these two villages on the basis of high rates of poverty and flooding.

The major causes of gender inequality in Betgari and Charani stem from a lack of education, perpetual poverty, the lack of awareness about human/women’s rights, male domination, and misinformation. ESDO therefore initiated our project with the objective to raise awareness about the importance of empowering women for the benefit of the community. ESDO conducted awareness-raising programs on human rights (women’s rights, rights to education, health and earning an income).


The goal of “Eco-village 2” is to therefore empowerment women through: providing education (literacy training and Information Communication Technology), building their capacity to manage their own business, and raising awareness regarding their rights, the environment, and health. This project will ensure that women become self-reliant and are proactive in preserving their environment.

Case study

Sweety was a simple housewife before her participation in ESDO’s program. She was struggling to feed her family, including her three children, as her husband earned insufficient income from their farming business. Tired of being totally dependent on her husband she decided to take out a loan from ESDO, and is now successfully managing her own grocery shop in Betgari. She has become self-reliant and is significantly happier as a result.


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