Winter season in Bangladesh

Winter season in Bangladesh


It’s a amazing foggy weather in Bangladesh winter season.

We all know that Bangladesh is a country of six seasons. Due to tropical climate summer is more prevalent in Bangladesh wherein winter stays only for two months in our country. So everybody eagerly waits for winter to come. Many people consider winter as a season of festival. Some consider it as a romantic season. Many poets have also written many poems related to winter season. Winter brings lots of excitement among people in our country. However for a section of people this season is like a blessing whereas people living under the poverty line suffer terribly during winter.

There is no denying the fact that winter is an enjoyable month for the people belonging to elite class. They celebrate many occasions in winter season. Winter is considered as wedding season by many people. Many “pitha festivals” are also held around the country during this time of the year. People enjoy pithas from roadside makeshift shops during winter as well. Moreover, rich people participate in different sports in this season.


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