Community based Eco-tourism

Tourism is a rapidly growing sector in Bangladesh, as well as over the world. The sustainable tourism or eco-tourism is a newly growing sector of tourism. Within the tourism sector, an increasing number of stakeholders (including tour operators) use the term ‘ecotourism’. Environment and Social Development organization-ESDO is a leading NGO of Bangladesh is working for sustainable development, toxicity, community development and biological diversity conservation since 1990.

Eco-tourism is an emerging idea to give tourists a place to enjoy the first hand idea of village home stay. It is an opportunity to know the actual taste of village life and different types of village culture with the help of local community. The project is mainly to help the specific community in development through sharing the profit of the project. It is promised to encourage child education and woman empowerment in project areas. The project is creating an alternative income source for the villagers and by that we are contributing towards poverty reduction for the country as a whole.

ESDO has helped more than 350,000 people in rural communities to achieve a sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle and live in harmony with their immediate environment. As part of ESDO’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and the economic empowerment of the people of Bangladesh, ESDO is running this eco-tourism project. This concept is currently being implemented by ESDO at Eco-villages 1 (Munshiganj), 2 (Rangpur), and 3 (Natore).


  • Create awareness among the young generation about different chemicals hazard.
  • Create mass-movement to prevent the chemical hazard.
  • To identify the local culture and value;
  • To identify the community involvement;
  • Maintaining the Sanctity of the Environment
  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.
  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect.
  • Raise sensitivity to host peoples’ political, environmental, and social climate.
  • Utilizing All Types of Resources Efficiently
  • Preserving the Biological Diversity
  • Ensuring the Economic Progress of rural villagers

Perspective of Eco-tourism:

  1. Major Tourist Attraction
  2. Promotion of Local Economy
  3. Appreciation of Socio-cultural Values
  4. Protection of Environment and Biodiversity
  5. Sustainable Community Development

Findings of this project:

  • Both the tourists and the villages are benefitted by this initiative: eco-tourism
  • The tourists find solitude in a rural setting
  • Villagers are provided with financial support from the tourists
  • Exchanging cultural norm, values and behavior

Current Scenario:

ESDO is planning to establish an eco-village in the northeastern (Sylhet) part of Bangladesh. On 21 November one of ESDO team members has visited the proposed area.

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