Policy Advocacy


ESDO’s Initiatives in phasing out Persistent Organic Pollutant (POPs)  ESDO prepared a study paper to document the present status of POPs (DDT, PCB and Dioxin) usage in Bangladesh. All the tasks that are done for preparing this document are under a partnership agreement between Just Environment Charitable Trust, Toxics Link and ESDO. Anthropogenic activities have […]

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No Mercury

Mercury in waste, containing the free element and its compounds, and mercury containing-products continue to harm the environment of Bangladesh many years after they have been disposed of. Bangladesh has no specific guidelines regarding the management of mercury waste, or how to safely manage the uses of either products or equipment that contain mercury or […]

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No Lead

ESDO has been working for a specific regulation of lead free paint. In line with this, ESDO has been continuing policy advocacy since 2010.ESDO has prepared a draft regulatory frame work and guide line; that has submitted to the concern authority [Department of Environment (DOE)] which has been under their review for consideration. In addition […]

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No Plastic

Combating the Pollution Threat from Micro plastic Litter to Save Marine Health in the Bay of Bengal Microbeads/Microplastics: During the past day, women used groundnut shells, salt crystals as scrubbing and exfoliating agents. Over these years, all these natural but traditional, biodegradable alternatives are being replaced by a non-biodegradable, cheap tiny plastic particle, called microbeads. […]

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