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Ban Plastic Bags

Anti-Polythene Campaign ESDO was the first organization in 1990 to conduct comprehensive research into the adverse effects of the production and use of polythene in Bangladesh. Environmental consequences stemming from commercial production to the effects on soil, water (chemical contamination and drainage), the atmosphere, plant and animals, agriculture, health, and the economy, have been successfully […]

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Regaining Indigenous Communities’ Land Rights

A significant area of river bank of Rajshahi has eroded. As a result, the mainstream people also the indigenous people lost land. Eventually,  the mainstream people were found to grab the land of some indigenous communities  especially Santals, an ancient tribal group, which is also a powerless minority group in Rajshahi. The contribution of ESDO […]

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Pollutant Free Vehicle

From 1995-2002 ESDO raised mass awareness and intercepted policy with a nation-wide campaign, “We want 2-stroke vehicle-free streets”. The study conducted by ESDO found that carbon monoxide, methane, nitrous oxide and lead were emitted from 2-stroke vehicles, with serious environmental and health consequences. The campaign began in 1995 through mass awareness raising and progressed with […]

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Mercury Free Dentistry in Bangladesh

All countries from developed to developing and under-develop to economic in-transition are faced with the common challenge of providing safe, quality and affordable healthcare. With this, the priority of the dental care ignored by the developing and under developing nations. The idea of mercury-free dentistry still just has had in very little in professional level […]

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