In addition to its normal internships, ESDO offers one special fellowship each year!

The goal of the ESDO Fellowship Program is to strengthen them by fostering opportunities for individuals from under served and underrepresented communities to become active participants in the ESDO community. The fellowship program has been very successful since its inception, building a strong pipeline of young students.

If your universities offers funded fellowships for recent graduates, and you are interested in exploring ESDO as a host organization for the fellowship you are most welcome at ESDO. You can choose your subject from our current activities or we can give you a subject and logistic support.

Fellowship Requirements

  • We only offer fellowship to the masters, Ph.D & postdoc candidates.
  • At least three years of research experience & two publications is needed.

Process of Applying

Please submit your resume, cover letter, and a detailed description via e-mail. our E-mail address : info@esdo.org


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