Organic Agriculture

Zero-waste Village

for Climate Friendly Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Livelihood

                           farmOrganic farming

ESDO introduced organic agriculture through its Zero-waste Village project. According to our clear vision to safe and sustainable environmental livelihood, ESDO launched this project in community level; we believe, waste management need to be started from community level by the help of common people. By managing solid wastes of every household, resource mobilizing and safe and sustainable livelihood will be possible and also by selling the composted wastes; people can earn money which will be count as an alternative income source for them and also without carefree dumping of wastes, that community can make a sustainable and green environment.

Total project timeline is 2013-2017. We have divided the project activities in three stages:

1. Learning, trial & fixing the problems:

The first year of this project (2013) is mainly the trial and error period.

2. Piloting year:

By 2014, we have made that area as a model area for all other village areas so that we can promote their success. Resource Centre for Waste Management has been established to operate all the villages under Mammatpur,Porsha,Naogon, Rajshahi.

3. Final project implementation period [2015-2017]:

Through the model area, our next initiatives will be to make the whole village as a model village for others in terms of zero waste villages. We want to make that village as Zero waste village and make a sustainable environmental livelihood for all.


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