A new step towards Mercury- free Dentistry

A new step towards Mercury- free Dentistry

30th January, 2018: The premises of St. Joseph Higher Secondary School was resonated with the roars of their students for the urge of mercury- free dentistry in Bangladesh. The students expressed their solidarity with ESDO to phase out mercury amalgam in dental treatment under the program entitled “Green Youth For toxic & Pollution free world” in Bangladesh. Defending every act that pollutes our world in order to preserve our nature through eco-friendly manners is the utmost focus of this program.

The event began with a presentation where the students were edified about the deadly heavy metal mercury, its uses and most prominently harmful health impacts of mercury amalgam. Meanwhile Principal of St. Joseph Higher Secondary School  shared the stage with a brief encouraging speech for the students. A competition was also involved in the event as a session during which students were assigned to develop posters and facebook posts featuring harmful sides of mercury amalgam and its uses. Students spontaneously participated in the competition and accomplished their tasks wholeheartedly.

ESDO started a new journey to rapidly expand the necessity of mercury free dental treatment in Bangladesh through organizing awareness raising campaign in different schools. To protect our future generation from the detrimental effects of mercury amalgam and to establish a pollution free environment is the foremost focus of this initiative.

At present, Mercury, the life-threatening heavy metal, has been an ignited topic all around the world. While many countries hit the success to phase out mercury from dental treatment, we i.e. Bangladesh has lagged behind. But the matter of relief is that ESDO in collaboration with BDS commissioned themselves to establish mercury free dentistry all over Bangladesh within 2018 and this type of activities will enlighten the way towards the establishment of mercury free dentistry throughout Bangladesh.

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