Human Chain Demanded Ban on Lead Paints

Dhaka, 20 October, 2018: Dust from lead paint is still the number one source of childhood lead poisoning. So focusing this on the eve of International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week-2018 under the theme of ‘Learn The Risk, Call For Action, Ban Lead Paint’ a human chain was formed on 20 October, 2018 in the front […] Read more »

‘Ban Lead Paint, Experts and Activists Urged’

Dhaka, October 21, 2018: To protect environment and public health it’s an urgent need to ban lead paint in Bangladesh. The standard of lead concentration in paint below 90 ppm has imposed recently, but still striving for a regulation. Focusing on this purpose and to observe ‘‘International lead poisoning prevention week of Action 2018”, a […] Read more »

Seminar on Plastic Pollution: Enforcement of law not enough, awareness is key

Environmentalists on containing plastic pollution Staff Correspondent Environmentalists yesterday at a seminar said that enforcement of law alone is not enough, and awareness is key to containing the plastic pollution in Bangladesh. Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) and Department of Environment (DoE) jointly held the seminar titled “Plastic Pollution in Bangladesh and its Impact […] Read more »

‘International plastic bag free day, 03 July, 2018’ Let’s obey the law, el...

Dhaka, 03 July, 2018: On the eve of ‘International plastic bag free day, 03 July, 2018’ a mobile campaign was organized by Environment & Social development Organization-ESDO. Organized a Human Chain yesterday at TSC, Press Club and in front of National Parliament in Dhaka to create public awareness. Some volunteers are also rejoiced this day. […] Read more »

“Beat the Plastic Pollution, Ban the Bag” Bangladesh NGO Pioneering Move to ...

01 July, 2018, Dhaka: “Beat the Plastic Pollution, Ban the Bag” the International Plastic Bag Free Day on 3, July. More than 150 countries are ready to celebrate the day this year. Environment and Social Development Organization urged the government to execute the bag ban law and phase out all single use plastic. ESDO Chairperson […] Read more »

BDS-ESDO Signed MOU to Eliminate Mercury Amalgam by 2018

Dhaka, 27 April, 2016: A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO and Bangladesh Dental Society (BDS) to eliminate “Mercury Dental Amalgam” from Dentistry Sector in Bangladesh by 2018. Read more »

Mercury & Mercury Added Products Threatens Public Health & the Environ...

Owing to the lack of regulation, the harmful use of Mercury reached alarming level in Bangladesh. As a result health risks and environment pollution has increased manifolds. Read more »

Report on Mercury Hot-spots in Bangladesh

In 2012 our staff completed a study on country situation of mercury (Hg) sources, products and hot spots in Bangladesh. In this Read more »

Go for lead free paint

 Lead in Paint ‘Protect our Children, Protect Pregnant Mother, Protect Our Home’ Read more »


6 June, 2015: A new study on lead in decorative paints in Bangladesh released today by Environment and Social Development Organization- ESDO Read more »

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