Combating the Pollution Threat from Micro plastic Litter to Save Marine Health i...

Microbeads/Microplastics: During the past day, women used groundnut shells, salt crystals as scrubbing and exfoliating agents. Over these years, all these natural but traditional, biodegradable alternatives are being replaced by a non-biodegradable, cheap tiny plastic particle, called microbeads. It is increasingly clear that microbeads, which, like plastic bags, are made of polyethylene, are a harmful […] Read more »

Eco-Village for Sustainable Livelihood

The future rests on educating our people and children to recognize that the key to a sustainable life is about quality, not quantity. An eco-village is the right environment to begin this education and to reclaim the lost balance with the earth and within ourselves. ESDO recognizes that such a development intervention is essential to […] Read more »

E-waste management

E-waste is a growing threat to our environment , human life and has become the fastest growing waste stream in Bangladesh. It also has emerged as a lucrative business. Every year Bangladesh generates roughly 2.7 million metric tons of e-waste and has generated 6233.o4 metric tons of toxics e-waste in cell phones alone in the […] Read more »

Community based Eco-tourism

Tourism is a rapidly growing sector in Bangladesh, as well as over the world. The sustainable tourism or eco-tourism is a newly growing sector of tourism. Within the tourism sector, an increasing number of stakeholders (including tour operators) use the term ‘ecotourism’. Environment and Social Development organization-ESDO is a leading NGO of Bangladesh is working […] Read more »

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Public Awareness & Policy Advocacy for Phase out mercury dental amalgam throughout the South Asia All countries; from developed to developing and under-develop to economic in-transition are faced with the common challenge of providing safe, quality and affordable healthcare. With this, the priority of the dental care ignored by the developing and under developing nations. […] Read more »


CURRENT STATUS OF PERSISTENT ORGANIC POLLUTANTS (POPs) IN BANGLADESH 1. Introduction As POPs have only recently been exposed as a hazard to environmental and public health, the general population is unaware of the basic problem. This ignorance has led to the grave position which we are now in and it is the belief of the  […] Read more »

Organic Agriculture

Zero-waste Village for Climate Friendly Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Livelihood                            ESDO introduced organic agriculture through its Zero-waste Village project. According to our clear vision to safe and sustainable environmental livelihood, ESDO launched this project in community level; we believe, waste management need to be started from community level by the help of common people. By […] Read more »

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