The future rests on educating ourselves and our children to recognize that the key to a sustainable life is about quality, not quantity. To ensure the rebuilding of a healthy livelihood and environment, ESDO has an separate program that included the project & programs activities of adult literacy classes, health education and services, environmental education, […] Read more »

Defense of Nature & Life

ESDO focuses on the conservation of nature to protect wild life and wild habitat, eco-system, bio-diversity through conducting several activities such as environmental education, Zero-waste Village program in ESDO’s Eco-village project etc. Eco-Village Project Zero-waste Village Community based Ecotourism Environmental Camp for Nature Conservation (ECNC) Read more »

Chemicals & Heavy Metals

Chemicals in Consumer Products Chemicals in consumer products are used to preserve goods, as antimicrobial agent, for early ripening, as color stabilizer, and for beautifying purposes as make up. The products are rice, fish, fruits, vegetables, processed food, cosmetics, jewelry, enamel paints, dentistry, electronic gadgets and toys. Chemicals cause harm to human health and hazards […] Read more »

Policy Research & Advocacy

Policy Research Environment and Social Development Organization- ESDO was the first organisation in 1990 to conduct comprehensive research into the adverse affects of the production and use of polythene bags in Bangladesh. Environmental consequences stemming from commercial production, to the effects on: soil, water (chemical contamination and drainage), atmosphere, plant and animals, agriculture, health, and the […] Read more »

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