Team of Minamata mercury waste experts at UNEP, Osaka, Japan May 27,2019

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UN Decides to Control Global Plastic Waste Dumping

  UN meeting gives countries the right to refuse unrecyclable, polluting plastics MAY 10, 2019 Geneva, Switzerland —Today, 187 countries took a major step forward in curbing the plastic waste crisis by adding plastic to the Basel Convention, a treaty that controls the movement of hazardous waste from one country to another. The amendments require exporters […] Read more »

On behalf of CSOs Siddika Sultana Executive Director, ESDO & Director of As...

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2019 Meetings of the Conferences of the Parties to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stoc...

On Tuesday, delegates to the 2019 meetings of the Conferences of the Parties (COP) to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm (BRS) Conventions devoted most of the day to issues of concern to two or more of the Conventions, including international cooperation and coordination, financial resources, and programme of work and budget. In the late afternoon, […] Read more »

Expanded Constituency Workshops 2019 in Mongolia

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As part of Global #PlasticMonster Campaign ESDO organized campaign on #Stop_grow...

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As part of Global #PlasticMonster Campaign ESDO organized campaign on #Stop_grow...

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3rd Meeting of the Open-ended Working Group (OEWG3) of the International Confere...

The third meeting of the Open-ended Working Group (OEWG3) of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM) will take place in Montevideo, Uruguay from 2-4 April 2019. It will be preceded by regional meetings and a technical briefing on 1 April 2019. Executive Director of ESDO and Director of Asian Center for Environmental Health, Ms. […] Read more »

Press Briefing on “Mercury-Added Products : Bangladesh Situation”

Every year, 14772 kg mercury is spreading in our environment, which has serious threat to public health and environment. These findings have come out on a study report, “Mercury added products and Available Alternatives in Bangladesh” published today by Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO at 11 am at our head office which is placed in […] Read more »

UNEA-4 call off with a new hope to end plastic pollution

The fourth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) took place from 11-15 March 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya, at the UN Offices at Nairobi (UNON), organized on the theme of “Innovative solutions for environmental challenges and sustainable consumption and production.” The conference attracted a record number of participants, with five Heads of State and […] Read more »

Single Use Plastics, Marine Liter, Microplastics issues Came Forward for Adoptio...

The fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) continued its third day of discussion on 13th March, UNEP headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya. Delegates at UNEA-4 raced to complete negotiations on all outstanding draft resolutions today, in preparation for the High-Level Segment tomorrow. The Committee of the Whole (COW) convened briefly in morning and afternoon plenaries, […] Read more »

Agreement on Five other Draft Resolutions and One Decision on

The fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) continued its second day of discussion in formal contact groups and working groups established by its Committee of the Whole (COW). Member States presented national statements in the UNEA-4 plenary in the afternoon. Delegates presented their national actions toward SCP, including, for example, initiatives on water […] Read more »

4th Session of the UN Environment Assembly has kicked Off

The fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) opened in Nairobi, Kenya, on Monday. Delegates established a Committee of the Whole (COW), which convened in the afternoon to continue negotiations on draft resolutions that had not been agreed by the end of the fourth Open-Ended Committee of Permanent Representatives (OECPR-4). Dr Shahriar Hossain, Secretary […] Read more »

Urgent Action Needed to Ban Single Use Plastic (SUP)

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Mobile Campaign on Single Use Plastic (SUP) Pollution

The excessive use of Single Use of Plastic may bring a catastrophic scenario in Bangladesh very soon. With a view to encourage mass people to quit single use plastic, Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO has organized a day long mobile Campaign on 2nd March in different important place in Dhaka. The campaigner took stand in […] Read more »

Vietnam Moving Forward to Ban Dental Amalgam Use by 2020

Vietnamese Health Service Administration Department recommended to stop use of dental amalgam to children under age of 15, pregnant women and lactating women by 1st April 2019. They also recommend developing a road map to stop amalgam use in dentistry by 1st January 2020. A successful high level meeting was conducted on yesterday (06th March,2019) […] Read more »

Happy Spring!!!

Spring is called the king of seasons. It is the best, the loveliest and the most charming of all seasons. Hence I like this season best. Indeed, it is favorite to all. In the cycle of seasons the spring occupies an exalted position.It is rich in color, beauty, music and fragrance. Though winter in Bangladesh […] Read more »

Awareness Campaign on Single Use Plastic (SUP)

Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO and Dept. of Environmental Science and Disaster Management (ESDM), Daffodil International University have jointly organized an awareness campaign on Single Use Plastic (SUP). The participant on awareness campaign on ‘Single Use Plastic (SUP) Pollution in Bangladesh’ highlighted the need to ‘Beat the Plastic Pollution’ and emphasis on immediate ban on […] Read more »

1st Day Highlights of 3rd Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia...

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The Third Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific Has kic...

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2019 and greetings from ESDO!!! A fresh new year is once again upon us. It’s the time to be thankful for the blessings of the past year and to take stock of all our achievements. At the same time, New Year 2019 is a brand new year to start afresh, to start […] Read more »

Learn The Risk, Call For Action, Ban Lead Paint

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Intervention by ESDO executive director Siddika Sultana at Mercury COP2 at Genev...

COP2 moving towards Mercury-Free Dentistry Read more »

World Alliance for Mercury-free Dentistry strategic team at Mercury COP2

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Press Briefing on Stop using single use plastic (SUP) To protect human health an...

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Human Chain Demanded Ban on Lead Paints

International lead poisoning prevention week of Action 2018 Read more »

Ban Lead Paint, Experts and Activists Urged

To observe ‘‘International lead poisoning prevention week of Action 2018”, ESDO in association with the Department of Environment, Government of the People’s Republic  of Bangladesh, organized a Round Table Meeting. Read more »


ESDO Conducted brand auditing of waste from the single use of plastic packaging   Read more »


50 Volunteers collected 100 KG of plastic waste in 2 hours at Dhanmondi Lake area, Dhaka Read more »


Dhaka 28 April, 2018: Aluminum cookware releases as much as 216 mg aluminum to food during its first boil- mentioned in a study report entitled ” Aluminum Cookware: A major Souyrce of Lead and Other Toxic Metal Contamination in Bangladesh” published by ESDO through a press briefing. Aluminum cookware is being used for cooking purpose […] Read more »


ESDO continue its action to ban all kind of lead paint in Bangladesh Read more »


Dhaka, 29 October, 2016: This year, ESDO observed the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint –GAELP week 2016 with a motto of banning lead in paint in Bangladesh. As a part of this movement, ESDO organized an art competition on Saturday, 29th October at Dhanmondi, where more than hundred children participated and expressed through their […] Read more »


There are so many toxic chemicals in both imported and exported beauty products of Bangladesh which is so alarming for human health and environment. Titanium (Ti) was found in high concentration especially in skin brightening cream and baby lotion, which is carcinogenic. This information was found from a study named ‘Toxic Chemicals in Beauty Products- […] Read more »

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