Green Youths Demanded a Toxic-Free World

Green Youths Demanded a Toxic-Free World

30 january, 2018: Youths hit the airwaves today with an irresistible impulse to make the world toxic plastic free by saying ‘No’ to  microplastic specially ‘microbeads’ in personal care products. They made this urge in an awareness program entitled ‘Campaign for Ban the Beads’ held in Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School arranged by Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO.

The main objective of the campaign was to raise awareness among our future generations about the adverse health and environmental effects of toxic chemicals like plastic poly ethylene and derivatives and prevent them from using these toxic chemicals containing products. Not only that, as youth plays an important role in the development of a nation they were encouraged to make an urge to ban toxic microbeads in different products.

50 Students from different classes participated in the campaign and they were very eager to learn more about the negative impacts of microbeads on human health and environment.

The program started at 9:00am in the morning and continued upto 4:00pm. The whole event was divided into two different sessions. The first session was an interactive session where the students were educated about the negative impact of microplastic through multimedia presentation. After the presentation session there were question answer round.

In the second session a competition was arranged among students dividing them into several groups. Some group of Students made posters and others prepared write up for facebook post and developed messages on the theme ‘Ban the Beads’. ESDO will conduct such awareness campaigns in several schools and after finishing best competitors will be awarded with prize and certificate in a prize giving ceremony.

Plastic pollution is a major concern today. It is one of the most important global  issues and micro beads are one of the largest contributors to the plastic trash that everyday reaches to our water bodies. Micro beads are very small particle of plastic which are used to make products like face wash, scrub, toothpaste, detergent etc. The huge micro beads content will highly cost the environment and human health by causing heart disease, type-2 diabetes, cancer, obesity in human body, small tears in skin leaving it vulnerable to bacteria and by accumulating toxic contaminants- persistent organic pollutants.

ESDO was founded in 1990 based on a simple issue ‘plastic poly bags’. Since then ESDO continued its anti-plastic activities. In line with that ESDO has started the project ‘Combating the Pollution Threat from Microplastic Litter to Protect Marine Health in the Bay of Bengal’ in 2017.

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