UN Decides to Control Global Plastic Waste Dumping

UN meeting gives countries the right to refuse unrecyclable, polluting plastics MAY 10, 2019 Geneva, Switzerland —Today, 187 countries took a major step forward in curbing the plastic waste crisis by adding plastic to the Basel Convention, a treaty that controls the movement of hazardous waste from one country to another. The amendments require exporters to […] Read more »

“ESDO Urged Develop Country to Stop Dumping Plastic Waste in Developing Nation...

Dhaka, May 05, 2019: ESDO along with CSOs urged the develop countries to stop dumping plastic waste in developing nations and ban single use plastic globally. On behalf of CSOs Siddika Sultana Executive Director, ESDO & Director of Asian Center for Environmental Health made an intervention at BRS COP at Geneva yesterday.   The 2019 […] Read more »

Mercury Emission Goes Alarming in Bangladesh, Need Urgent Ratification of the Co...

18 April 2019, Dhaka: The Experts emphasized raising awareness to the use of mercury in products and its proper management at a stakeholder workshop. Mercury has a wide usage in various products and industrial processes, posing a serious threat to human health and the environment. Focusing on this a stakeholder workshop on “Mercury Pollution in […] Read more »

UNEA-4 Agreement Does Not Deliver at Scale and Urgency Needed

Nairobi, Kenya – At the 4thsession of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-4), member states of the UN Environment Programme failed to meet expectations to confront the ever-growing plastic-pollution crisis threatening our waterways, ecosystems, and health. At UNEA-4, member states considered several resolutions designed to increase international action to halt plastic pollution. The first, proposed […] Read more »

Urgent Action required against catastrophe of Single Use Plastic

Dhaka, 02 March, 2019: The excessive use of Single Use of Plastic may bring a catastrophic scenario in Bangladesh very soon. With a view to encourage mass people to quit single use plastic, Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO has organized a day long mobile Campaign on 2nd March in different important place in Dhaka. The […] Read more »

“Youth Urge the Government to Ban Single Use Plastic (SUP)”

03 February, 2019, Dhaka: Participating students urge the Govt. to ban Single Use Plastic (SUP) to protect environment and public health. They demanded in an awareness campaign jointly organized by Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO and Dept. of Environmental Science and Disaster Management (ESDM), Daffodil International University yesterday at University Campus in Dhaka. The participant […] Read more »

Stop using single use plastic (SUP) To protect human health and Environment

14 November, 2018, Dhaka: Around 250 tons of single use plastics particularly straws and cutleries are discarded every month. The findings revealed from a study.To release the findings of the study entitled “Stop using single use plastic (SUP) to protect human health and Environment”, Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO called on a press briefing on […] Read more »

Human Chain Demanded Ban on Lead Paints

Dhaka, 20 October, 2018: Dust from lead paint is still the number one source of childhood lead poisoning. So focusing this on the eve of International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week-2018 under the theme of ‘Learn The Risk, Call For Action, Ban Lead Paint’ a human chain was formed on 20 October, 2018 in the front […] Read more »

‘Ban Lead Paint, Experts and Activists Urged’

Dhaka, October 21, 2018: To protect environment and public health it’s an urgent need to ban lead paint in Bangladesh. The standard of lead concentration in paint below 90 ppm has imposed recently, but still striving for a regulation. Focusing on this purpose and to observe ‘‘International lead poisoning prevention week of Action 2018”, a […] Read more »

Booklet Launched By Honorable Minister, M.P. Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud, M.P....

Dhaka, 27 May, 2018: “Effective steps will be taken as soon as possible regarding the establishment of Mercury-free Dentistry in Bangladesh”, said Honorable Minister, Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud, M.P., Ministry of Environment and Forest and  inaugurated a new monograph entitled “Mercury-Free Dentistry towards Toxic-Free Oral Health & Environment”. The inauguration event was the central as […] Read more »

Momentum builds to end the largest mercury use in U.S.A. – dental amalgam

16 April, 2018, Chicago: A coalition of 50 environmental, public health, and children’s rights groups called for an end to the controversial filling material – dentalamalgam – inAmerican children, and for a two-year general phase-out in its use in the United States.  Supporters include many major national nonprofit groups, including Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Health Care […] Read more »

Dr. Humayun Kabir Bulbul, An Undisputed Leader of Bangladesh Dental Society got ...

Dhaka, 3 April 2018: Secretary General of Bangladesh Dental Society and one of the most renowned dental surgeons, Dr. Humayun Kabir Bulbul got recognition for being Mercury-Free. His dental chamber named ‘Orient Dental’ situated in Shantinagar, Dhaka got an appreciation as a ‘Mercury-Free Dental Chamber’ by Bangladesh Dental Society-BDS and Environment and Social development Organization-ESDO. […] Read more »

A declaration to phase out ‘Mercury Dental Amalgam’ in the treatment of preg...

Dhaka, 10 March 2018: ” Mercury dental amalgam should not be used in the treatment of pregnant women, nursing mother and children after June, 2018″ – The declaration came from Bangladesh Dental Society (BDS) in association with Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO through a press briefing. Yesterday (Saturday) in a press briefing at Dhaka Reporters […] Read more »

Eliminate Microbeads and Reduce Microplastic Pollution-An Urgent Need!

  Dhaka 19, February, 2018: A huge gathering of health and environmental experts, government representatives, stakeholders, academicians, and mass people encouraged the ban of microplastic, especially microbeads in a ‘Knowledge Sharing Consultation with Stakeholders on Microplastic Pollution in the Bay of Bengal’ to make people, especially the stakeholders aware about the emerging pollution threat from […] Read more »

‘Mercury-Free Dental Chamber’ being recognized by BDS and ESDO: Pion...

Dhaka, 28 January 2018: Dentistry will catch a breath of fresh air as a completely new approach towards mercury-free dentistry in Bangladesh through visiting a dental chamber named ‘Dental Center’ in the capital city Dhaka and recognizing it ‘Mercury-Free’ by Bangladesh Dental Society-BDS and Environment and Social development Organization-ESDO. On 28 January, 2018 ESDO and […] Read more »

Mercury Free Dentistry Being Encouraged Through Awarding a Dental College in Chi...

Dhaka 28, November, 2017: A plaque of appreciation was awarded to Chattagram International Dental College and Hospital for practicing mercury free dentistry in Bangladesh as a part of the vibrant global campaign to ban mercury in dentistry. The award giving ceremony and also an open forum was jointly organized by Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO […] Read more »

A new way of campaign for Mercury-free dentistry: Mobile Campaign in Bangladesh

Dhaka, 23 November, 2017: Youth showed a new method of campaign called “Mobile Campaign” on mercury free dentistry in Bangladesh today. To phase out Mercury amalgam use in dentistry and save children and child bearing mother  from the harmful effect Mercury was the main motive of the Mobile Campaign. Environment and Social Development Organization- ESDO […] Read more »

Human Chain at National Press Club Demanded Ban on Lead Paints

Dhaka 28, October, 2017: On the eve of International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week-2017 (22 to 28 October) a huge crowd of youths demanded ban of lead paint production in Bangladesh. Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO in association with IPEN organized the human chain and a rally under the theme ‘Learn the Risks, Educate Community and […] Read more »

An Action: A Legislation to Ban Lead Paint

Dhaka 26, October, 2017: Government delegations urged for an immediate regulation to ban hazardous lead paint and expressed the necessity to immediately publish the gazette for a standard of 50 ppm lead content in paint. A high level policy dialogue was organized by Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO on Thursday 11:30 AM at ESDO Head […] Read more »

Celebrate “World Environmental Health Day” by Making Dental Amalgam History!

Geneva, 26 September 2017 –The World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry is celebrating World Environmental Health Day by urging the nations party to the Minamata Convention on Mercury to make dental amalgam history!   It complements the theme of the parties to Minamata, whose theme is “Make mercury history.” At the first conference of the parties (COP1), […] Read more »

Microplastic is threatening Lives: It is the time to Ban!

Dhaka 16, September, 2017: A huge gathering of health and environmental experts, beauty experts and  concerned stakeholders urged the ban of microplastic, especially microbeads in an inception workshop under the theme of “Combating the pollution threat from microplastic litter to save marine health in the Bay of Bengal” to make people aware about the emerging […] Read more »

Elite Paint Receives First Lead Safe Paint® Certification in Bangladesh

Dhaka, 29.08.17: Elite Paint is the first paint company in Bangladesh to achieve Lead Safe Paint® certification. The news was announced publicly through a press briefing organized by Elite Paint and Chemical Industries at  Begum Sufia Kamal Public Library on 29 August, 2017 in Dhaka. The certification program, established in 2015 by the international non-profit  […] Read more »

Mercury Pollution Costs Billions in Lost Earning Potential in Bangladesh New an...

Dhaka, 8 June, 2017: Communities in Bangladesh stand to lose 8 to 144 million taka in earning potential every year due to mercury contamination, according to a new study published in The Journal of Environmental Management.1 The report is the first peer-reviewed analysis to estimate economic losses due to IQ damage from mercury pollution in […] Read more »

Hidden Health Hazard in Non-stick Cookware

Dhaka, May 25, 2017: Use of  non-stick pots and pans on a daily basis, means exposure to hidden  dangers. Non- stick cookware is made using a carcinogenic chemical which starts emitting toxic fumes that one  inhale every time while cooking  with a non-stick pot!  Environment and Social Development Organization- ESDO disclosed these findings through their […] Read more »

Dentists and Government Representatives Demanded to Phase Out Mercury from Dent...

Dhaka, 6 May, 2017: Dentists, dental professionals, Government representatives and environmental leaders urged  the Government for phasing out mercury from dentistry sector by 2018. Yesterday  at a workshop, they demanded to take immediate step regarding this issue. Bangladesh Dental Society(BDS) and Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO in association with Asian Center for Environmental Health  organized […] Read more »

Swedish MP Meet ESDO team: Emphasized on Environmental Pollution in Bangladesh

Dhaka 6, February, 2017: Two members Swedish Parliament Delegation meets with Environment and Social Development Organization team today at its office in Dhaka. They discussed on different environmental issues and emphasized on environmental pollution in Bangladesh, particularly e-waste pollution, traffic and urban pollution. Mr. Johns Holm and Ms. Nooshi Dadgoster,  Member of Swedish Parliament meet […] Read more »

ESDO and BDS Proposed Changes Dental School Curriculum

Dhaka 12, January 2017: Mercury dental amalgam is the major source of mercury toxicity in health and environment. Many developed countries are now switching to safer alternatives. Yesterday at a round table meeting in Dhaka Professionals and environmental experts emphasized the need of education and hand on knowledge of mercury free alternatives for the next […] Read more »

Activist group demanded ban lead paint in Bangladesh by 2017

Dhaka, October 28, 2016: Environmental activist group demanded to ban lead paint in Bangladesh by 2017. In a public awareness rally, they urged the government to take immediate step to introduce national standard for lead concentration in paint. Concerning about the child health and environment they demanded 50 ppm as a standard for lead content […] Read more »

Children urge to ban lead paint by 2017

Dhaka, 29 October, 2016: Children urge the government to ban lead paint immediately; they expressed their appeal through painting. More than hundred children took part in a painting competition to observe the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint week 2016 on Saturday, 29th October at Dhanmondi. Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO in association with‘Jotun Bangladesh […] Read more »

Microbeads: A Serious Health and Environmental Risk to Bangladesh

Dhaka 15, October, 2016: Many leading brands are using tiny plastic microbeads as exfoliating and cleansing ingredient in their personal care products such as face wash, scrub, and toothpaste. Around 7928.02 billion microbeads go to the rivers, canals and other water bodies in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet cities in every month. A study report entitled […] Read more »

Possible toxicity in brain toys “Rubik’s Cube”

Dhaka September 2, 2016–Rubik’s Cube, known as brain game toys; designed to exercise the mind, may contain toxic chemicals from recycled electronic waste, which can damage the central nervous system ironically, reduce children’s intellectual capacity. The Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO, a watch group on toxic chemicals and wastes, aired this observation following the announcement […] Read more »

Training Workshop on Environmental Health For Journalists Held In Dhaka

Dhaka, August 27, 2016: Environmental health is a prime reporting issue; need to be address properly in the news media. Journalists express the need of hands-on knowledge and training of science reporting. Participants and experts share the views at a workshop on Environmental Health and Pollutants: Role of a Journalist organized by Environment and Social […] Read more »

High level of toxin found in Jewellery

Dhaka: August 13, 2016: High level of toxic chemicals found in jewelleries in Bangladesh. Children’s jewellery found with high concentration of lead, cadmium and bromine, which is so alarming for human health and environment. A study report on “Toxic Jewellery: High Risk to Health and Environment in Bangladesh’’ disclosed the finding of the high exposure […] Read more »

Dr. Shahriar Hossain chosen Executive Vice President, World Alliance for Mercur...

Washington D.C., USA, 31 July 2016: The World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry has named Dr. Shahriar Hossain of Dhaka to be its Executive Vice President. Dr. Hossain is a renowned NGO leader, ecologist and environmental journalist in Asia, working for environmental justice and governance more than two decades.  He will stay in Dhaka and continue […] Read more »

Asian Governments should come forward to End Use of Mercury Amalgam

Dhaka, 27 June 2016- Asian countries, which are in particular danger of bearing the health brunt of using mercury amalgam in dentistry, have made some progress in phasing out the use of mercury, but their governments still need to be more active in ending the mercury use, environmentalists and experts said at a workshop in Bangkok […] Read more »

NGOs Urge the Asian Nation to Phase Out Dental Amalgam by 2020

Dhaka, 27 June 2016- The Asian Environmental NGOs urge the government of Asian countries to phase out Mercury Dental Amalgam by 2020. They express their concern about the harmful impact of amalgam to environment and public health. Yesterday a joint deceleration has release by Asian center for Environmental Health; this is the outcome of Asian […] Read more »

Partnering with Private Sector in Disaster Management, Risk Response & Prep...

  The CSR Centre together with Oxfam & Institute of Disaster Management & Vulnerability Studies (IDMVS) arranged a daylong workshop on ‘Humanitarian Actions and Standards for Private Sectors Management Staff’ at Nawaab Ali Senate Bhaban, University of ​ Dhaka on March 15, 2016. They called for Partnering with Private Sector in Disaster Management, Risk Response & Preparedness. […] Read more »

UNEP & World Alliance Urges to Phasing-Down Dental Amalgam Use

Dead Sea, Jordan 9, March 2016- UNEP & World Alliance urges the government around the world to Phasing-Down Dental Amalgam Use. They emphasize on the national implementation plan for successfully implement the dental amalgam Phase-Down Measures of the Minamata Convention on Mercury, they revealed today on a side event of a UN mercury treaty meeting […] Read more »


There are so many toxic chemicals in both imported and exported beauty products of Bangladesh which is so alarming for human health and environment. Titanium (Ti) was found in high concentration especially in skin brightening cream and baby lotion, which is carcinogenic. This information was found from a study named ‘Toxic Chemicals in Beauty Products- […] Read more »

Mercury & Mercury Added Products in Bangladesh: Threatens Public Health &#...

Owing to the lack of regulation, the harmfuluse of Mercury reached alarming level in Bangladesh. As a result health risks and environment pollution has increased manifolds.In the year 2014 legally and illegally 58 metric tons of harmful mercury has been imported in Bangladesh. Read more »

ESDO Demanded Ban on Lead Paints by 2017 and Global Phase Out by 2020

Environment and Social Development Organization- ESDO demanded ban of lead paint production by 2017 in Bangladesh supporting International Chemical Safety Groups to phase out lead containing paints by 2020. Read more »

Policy Dialogue on Urgent Regulations for Eliminating Lead in Paint in Banglades...

To stop the use of lead in paint in Bangladesh by 2017, Environment and Social Development Organization- ESDO and Bangladesh Paint Manufacturers Association (BPMA) demanded the government to enact specific policies and regulations yesterday. Read more »

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